Several years ago, the Douglas Choral Union (DCU) was established as a Charity with the following aims, to:

  • raise funds to aid with education and skill development in the arts, particularly the performing arts and musical theatre, to be made available to the general public on the Isle of Man;
  • encourage and facilitate the ongoing participation in theatre and arts on the Island to the public at large;
  • encourage the advancement in standard of theatre and performing arts on the Island to be enjoyed by the residents of the Isle of Man;
  • assist and encourage individuals in the Island to enhance their studies in the arts and theatre, and to then provide workshops and tutorials to the Isle of Man public in respect of such education; and
  • raise funds to provide a permanent property base to provide a rehearsal studio and a base to do workshop and tutorials to be made available to the public, dedicated to enabling and encouraging participation in theatre and the arts, and to be made available for the purposes of these objects.